Current transformators

Low space requirement combined with outstanding performance

Current transformers from REO

For many years, REO has been developing, manufacturing and optimizing current and instrument transformers that are used in a wide variety of applications – e.g. measurement and control technology, switch cabinet construction, motor controls and welding technology.

As a member of various associations, REO is very interested in complying with all relevant standards and certifications worldwide and always keeping them up to date. Particularly in the area of ​​rail technology, high requirements with regard to external environmental influences (heat, cold, sand or moisture), shock and vibration resistance, insulation structure and high load capacity must also be met. The current transformers are characterized by corresponding standards (REO is IRIS-certified), which are indispensable in the railway sector.

Small footprint combined with excellent performance

REO current transformers are characterized in particular by their small footprint, excellent linearity, short response time and low iron and magnetic reversal losses.

The current transformer series are available in a bandwidth of up to 150 kHz and achieve a high level of reliability due to the tests carried out beforehand and in the production process – whether vacuum encapsulation, partial discharge measurement or high-voltage testing – and are perfectly adapted to the respective location.

Wide range of REO current transformers

For many years, REO has been active in the development, manufacture and optimization of current transformers and instrument transformers that are used in the widest variety of applications – e.g. metrology and control technology, control cabinet construction, motor-speed control and welding engineering.

As a member of different associations, REO is committed to comply with all relevant norms and certifications worldwide, as well as ensuring that products
are constantly developed to the latest state of the art. In addition and particularly in the domain of railway engineering, stringent requirements must be met in relation to external environmental effects (heat, cold, sand or moisture), resistance to shock and vibration, insulation design, and high loading capacity. These current transformers

Current transformators from REO

  • REO can supply direct replacements for many industry standard applications
  • REO’s flexible production strategy mean that small production quantities are possible
  • Individual solutions matched to your application
  • Modern core materials (nanocrystalline and amorphous) are used for the optimisation
  • REO speaks your language: Our worldwide field sales offices always keep us close to our clients – no matter what your language, time zone, or currency. A REO location is near you, guaranteeing fast, efficient and cost-effective handling for your order.
  • Reliability thanks to tests:
    All our current transformers are checked against the following criteria:
  • phase shift between primarily and secondary
  • curve shape
  • saturation
  • core in relation to the winding
  • overcurrents and overvoltages
  • dynamic behaviour of the whole current transformer

REO current transformers at a glance

Active Current transformers

REO current transformers distinguish themselves in particular due to the low space requirements, excellent linearity and short response times. The new Hall Effect current sensors can depict different types of current types. (AC/DC/Impulse)

Passive Current transformers

REO current transformers distinguish themselves primarily due to their low space requirements, excellent linearity, short response times and their low iron und hysteresis losses.

Individual solutions

Are you looking for an individual solution? No problem! Our REO experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.